25 Tiny steps to move out of your comfort zone

This post is exactly like it sounds. 25 ideas to get out of your comfort zone. Dress the exact opposite of how you usually do. Go to a new restaurant without checking reviews. Go to your usual restaurant and order something completely new – preferably something you can’t pronounce. Take an unfamiliar route around yourContinue reading “25 Tiny steps to move out of your comfort zone”

Two Techniques From Experts to Keep Moving Forward

Although, Vallabhai Patel was winning the case, all he felt at that moment was total despair. Yet, not one person in the court room guessed, what he had read in the telegram, that was delivered to him a moment ago. Vallabhai Patel, folded the telegram carefully, put it in his pocket and went on withContinue reading “Two Techniques From Experts to Keep Moving Forward”