The magic of giving yourself 5 minutes

I don’t know about you, but me, I want everything to happen now. Not in 10 years or 5 or even a year. Now. I want to be a best selling author today. I want my perfect body today. I want the house to be organised and look magazine – worthy, right after the dayContinue reading “The magic of giving yourself 5 minutes”

Why very few people are amazing at what they do.

The only thing ordinary about the Sukiyabashi Jiro Sushi restaurant is it’s looks. Located in the underground corridor near a Tokyo subway station, with the capacity to seat only 10 people at a time, it is renowned as the best Sushi restaurant in the world. Jiro Ono the owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro, is the geniusContinue reading “Why very few people are amazing at what they do.”

Talent Vs Persistence – There is just one winner

How would you feel if you failed once. Or maybe twice. How about 217 times? Schulz was enthralled by the Italian coffee shops. The espresso bars in Milan served cappuccinos, knew customers by name, and created a unique experience for the customers. Schulz returned home with his head filled with ideas for the coffee shopContinue reading “Talent Vs Persistence – There is just one winner”

Two Techniques From Experts to Keep Moving Forward

Although, Vallabhai Patel was winning the case, all he felt at that moment was total despair. Yet, not one person in the court room guessed, what he had read in the telegram, that was delivered to him a moment ago. Vallabhai Patel, folded the telegram carefully, put it in his pocket and went on withContinue reading “Two Techniques From Experts to Keep Moving Forward”