Becoming Dr.Seuss- Incredible Life Lessons

This is Dr.Seuss week and what better way to celebrate it than to recap his life and learn from it? When asked, “Where do you get all your great ideas from”, he responded- “I get all my ideas in Switzerland near the Forka Pass. There is a little town called Gletch, and two thousand feetContinue reading “Becoming Dr.Seuss- Incredible Life Lessons”

25 Tiny steps to move out of your comfort zone

This post is exactly like it sounds. 25 ideas to get out of your comfort zone. Dress the exact opposite of how you usually do. Go to a new restaurant without checking reviews. Go to your usual restaurant and order something completely new – preferably something you can’t pronounce. Take an unfamiliar route around yourContinue reading “25 Tiny steps to move out of your comfort zone”

The mind body connection: How changing one affects the other

You can have a gut wrenching feeling, or choke under pressure. A pain in the neck or having you blood boil, have nothing to do with your neck or blood. Do our emotions cause physical changes? Can our mind change your body or our body your mind? Multiple Personalities In the book The treatment ofContinue reading “The mind body connection: How changing one affects the other”

My first month blogging: Lessons learnt

You know, how all your “firsts” however trivial have a special place in your heart? Your first school, first friend, first time kicked out of class, first time you skipped class, first job, first car, first phone…….. Well, Justine Warne from The Tea Chest has a special place too. She is my very first facebookContinue reading “My first month blogging: Lessons learnt”

9 Simple ways to make better, quicker decisions

Are you exhausted by the end of the day, although you spent the whole day not doing much? It’s all the decisions you made – from the moment you woke up. Decisions are exhausting but unavoidable. But here’s the good news. We can make them fewer and better. Like a deer in headlights when facedContinue reading “9 Simple ways to make better, quicker decisions”