A walk a day could change your life.

Where do ideas comes from? That’s a tough question, a profound one. While the mystery of where ideas come from might never be solved, there’s a ridiculously simple way of unlocking them. A proven one too. One, many of the creative geniuses have used time and time again. One backed up by science. A walk.Continue reading “A walk a day could change your life.”

Simple tips to declutter your mind

It was a sunny, warm evening . People were out strolling with their dogs or going for a run. I longed to be outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. But I was stuck inside, trying to meet a deadline. I was feverishly working on my program which was due in another half hour. Just then,my kidsContinue reading “Simple tips to declutter your mind”

Crying – Why it’s good for you

Sometimes a good cry can cure what a good laugh can’t – Anonymous For long, I have prided myself on not crying easily. There has been times when a particularly emotional situation or movie brought up tears, to my acute embarrassment. And I would always try to pass it off as “something flew into myContinue reading “Crying – Why it’s good for you”