A walk a day could change your life.

Where do ideas comes from? That’s a tough question, a profound one. While the mystery of where ideas come from might never be solved, there’s a ridiculously simple way of unlocking them. A proven one too. One, many of the creative geniuses have used time and time again. One backed up by science. A walk.Continue reading “A walk a day could change your life.”

The mind body connection: How changing one affects the other

You can have a gut wrenching feeling, or choke under pressure. A pain in the neck or having you blood boil, have nothing to do with your neck or blood. Do our emotions cause physical changes? Can our mind change your body or our body your mind? Multiple Personalities In the book The treatment ofContinue reading “The mind body connection: How changing one affects the other”

Simple tips to declutter your mind

It was a sunny, warm evening . People were out strolling with their dogs or going for a run. I longed to be outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. But I was stuck inside, trying to meet a deadline. I was feverishly working on my program which was due in another half hour. Just then,my kidsContinue reading “Simple tips to declutter your mind”

Crying – Why it’s good for you

Sometimes a good cry can cure what a good laugh can’t – Anonymous For long, I have prided myself on not crying easily. There has been times when a particularly emotional situation or movie brought up tears, to my acute embarrassment. And I would always try to pass it off as “something flew into myContinue reading “Crying – Why it’s good for you”