Two Techniques From Experts to Keep Moving Forward

Although, Vallabhai Patel was winning the case, all he felt at that moment was total despair. Yet, not one person in the court room guessed, what he had read in the telegram, that was delivered to him a moment ago. Vallabhai Patel, folded the telegram carefully, put it in his pocket and went on withContinue reading “Two Techniques From Experts to Keep Moving Forward”

How to succeed by accident?

A shop located right in between two funeral parlors and named “The Body Shop” was bound to garner a lot of attention. This was just the one of the accidents,in the success story of Anita Roddick. Two other decisions made by her, entirely out of necessity, turned in her favor. She painted the entire shopContinue reading “How to succeed by accident?”

The secret to a successful life – keep learning

Did you really think you were done with learning once you stepped out of school? Sigh. Me too. Turns out life is just too long, to sustain with just the first 20 or so years of learning. Do you remember the exhilaration of being on the swing when you were a child? The rush ofContinue reading “The secret to a successful life – keep learning”