One year of blogging and some exciting news

In many ways, 2020 has been an unforgettable year. Personally for me, it also holds an important milestone, the birth of this blog. I’m being totally honest when I say this blog was born out of a very selfish part of me. I had entered a very unmotivated part of my life and was inContinue reading “One year of blogging and some exciting news”

My first month blogging: Lessons learnt

You know, how all your “firsts” however trivial have a special place in your heart? Your first school, first friend, first time kicked out of class, first time you skipped class, first job, first car, first phone…….. Well, Justine Warne from The Tea Chest has a special place too. She is my very first facebookContinue reading “My first month blogging: Lessons learnt”