Push through frustrations

Have you felt frustrated with work, the day, just life in general. One thing could make an entire day go wrong.

A chance remark from someone that rubbed you the wrong way, one project that just won’t work the way you want it to, one article that doesn’t bring out your ideas coherently or a job that you’re not able to land. I know I have.

Hard times are the best teachers and this is what I’ve learnt.

Live center stage instead of watching from the sidelines:

When you decide to get into the thick of things, create something, try something you’ve never done before or even go about your regular life, it’s inevitable that things won’t go the way you want them to. You’ll produce some dreadful work, make some bad decisions, feel stuck or feel like you’re working in a void, feel like you might never measure up.

And that’s OK.

Because, think of the alternative. It’s never trying, never living. Always being in the sidelines wishing you were doing it, wishing you have it, always wishing and never living. It’s OK to work on something and fail , than not trying at all.

Find things to keep you in the moment:

Have a creative shutdown? Go for a walk.

Frustrated your business is going nowhere? Spend time with your family.

Worried about being in a job rut? Cook a delicious meal.

Financial worries smothering you? Paint a picture.

Don’t run away from your problems and frustrations – take a break from them. Find something else to excite you, even if it’s for just a moment. Do more of what puts you in the midst of life rather than turning it off. Things that keeps you in the moment, rather that taking you away from it.

It’s a simple thing that’ll make all the difference.

Write it down

Writing is thinking on paper. It’s a lot better than just thinking.

Because when you’re just thinking, the thought morphs, runs into a rabbit hole and before long you will end up even more frustrated than when you started.

Writing helps you to keep the focus on the problem. And often times writing brings out thoughts that are hidden and the ones we fail to acknowledge.

Look for solutions not problems

We’re frustrated most of the times because we focus on the problem.

This essay isn’t coming out right. It’s bland and incoherent.

Focus on the solution instead.

How can I make it interesting? How do I make my point clear?

Business is not getting off the ground is thinking of the problem. What can I do to make it better is thinking of the solution.

Remember, problems are fixable and frustrations are fixable too.

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I’m a bookworm, mom and have a daytime job that involves computers and tons of data. I believe we have the power to make our lives better and the right time to start is now.

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