What will you do with your dream?

Do you have an idea? A dream?

Are you waiting for the start up cost, the right time, the right skills?

Or worse have you given up on them as mere dreams?

Steve Ells, a chef, had a dream.

His dream was to own a fine-dining restaurant.

But at that time, he did not have the money to start one. So, instead of giving up on his dream, he decided to open up a small buritto shop in Colorado – to save up for the fine dining restaurant he really wanted to own.

Did he have a concrete plan to run the burrito shop? Nope.

He made it up as he went along.

Did he have an original idea? No again.

He modeled the buritto shop based on the ones he frequented in San Fransisco. But they were not many in Colorado – so it was a relatively new concept there.

So, did he have the money to open up the buritto shop?

He got a loan from his father for the burrito shop.

What started as a back up plan became wildly successful. He was able to repay his father’s loan in just a few months. So , Steve Ells decided to open another shop.

This humble buritto shop, got an unprecedented boost when McDonalds invested a whopping $360 million dollars.

This burrito shop, which started as a back up plan, was called Chipotle.

Steve Ells did not realize his dream of owning a fine dining restaurant, but not waiting for the right opportunity or time, gave him a different path and greater success.

Working towards his dream made the magic happen.

Do you have a dream?

All of us have one.

No matter how small, how big, how silly we might think of them, there is a dream that lives deep down.

Why aren’t you working on that dream?

Do you think you are too old, too young, too poor, too many responsibilities?

Are you worried your ideas are not new or original? Man has lived for millions of years. And we have come this far – not because of original ideas – but better ones. Cars have been around for ages – but Tesla is a better one.

Whatever you think is holding you back are just excuses.

In reality, it is your mind making up excuses – because the current comfort zone is just too scary to let go.

What will you do if you can do absolutely anything?

If you had all the money in the world, all the time and absolutely nothing holding you back, what will you do?

What is stopping you from doing that right now?

Write down a list of what is stopping you from working on what you want.

And then figure out a solution for each one of them.

Once you know the problem, finding a solution is just a matter of time.

Figuring out the problems is the first step you can take towards your dreams.

And luckily, the first step doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of you couch.

It’s so easy you have no excuses.

Figuring out the problems, sows the seed. Hope is planted and now, all you need to do is slowly build it up.

Create solutions, back up plans for your plans and one day – this period of muddling through will have given you enough strength to take another step towards your dreams.

And then another.

You might not achieve your dreams, but working towards it – will make your dreams come true.

There is just now and your ideas. What will you do with them?

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I’m a bookworm, mom and have a daytime job that involves computers and tons of data. I believe we have the power to make our lives better and the right time to start is now.

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