A slacker’s guide to build your willpower

All of us experience the same frustration. We want to change our life for the better. But where do we start? Habits are important. It’s an acknowledged fact. BUT for that we need the willpower. That’s a lot easier said than done. I’d rather have that candy bar RIGHT NOW, than fit into that swankyContinue reading “A slacker’s guide to build your willpower”

The magic of giving yourself 5 minutes

I don’t know about you, but me, I want everything to happen now. Not in 10 years or 5 or even a year. Now. I want to be a best selling author today. I want my perfect body today. I want the house to be organised and look magazine – worthy, right after the dayContinue reading “The magic of giving yourself 5 minutes”

A walk a day could change your life.

Where do ideas comes from? That’s a tough question, a profound one. While the mystery of where ideas come from might never be solved, there’s a ridiculously simple way of unlocking them. A proven one too. One, many of the creative geniuses have used time and time again. One backed up by science. A walk.Continue reading “A walk a day could change your life.”

Why very few people are amazing at what they do.

The only thing ordinary about the Sukiyabashi Jiro Sushi restaurant is it’s looks. Located in the underground corridor near a Tokyo subway station, with the capacity to seat only 10 people at a time, it is renowned as the best Sushi restaurant in the world. Jiro Ono the owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro, is the geniusContinue reading “Why very few people are amazing at what they do.”

What I learnt from owning too many things

My desire to simplify and organize my life in better ways didn’t come to me in an ‘AHA’ moment or as an inspiration. Rather, it came in as a feeling of necessity from being an overwhelmed mom trying to hold on to my sanity. My kids are well, kids. They get into stuff, scatter themContinue reading “What I learnt from owning too many things”

Your one super power – Choice

A carpenter who had worked hard all his life thought it was finally time for him to retire and lead a more leisurely life and enjoy his family. He told his boss about his plans. The boss, sorry to see one of his best worker leave, convinced the carpenter to take up one last job.Continue reading “Your one super power – Choice”

Talent Vs Persistence – There is just one winner

How would you feel if you failed once. Or maybe twice. How about 217 times? Schulz was enthralled by the Italian coffee shops. The espresso bars in Milan served cappuccinos, knew customers by name, and created a unique experience for the customers. Schulz returned home with his head filled with ideas for the coffee shopContinue reading “Talent Vs Persistence – There is just one winner”

A Zen Story – What do you really see?

All the man ever wanted to know was everything. His life long search was to learn everything there is to life. But, he wasn’t able to find a master to satiate his curiosity. As always, life found a way to give this man what he was looking for. A rumor about a great master foundContinue reading “A Zen Story – What do you really see?”

Problems – Do they excite or exert you?

These days, all we can think about is the coronavirus – it’s current and after effects. These are unprecedented times. We should be prepared for the unexpected, create more routines and habits to fall back on. Routines can be the one stabilizing, binding factor that grounds us and gives us a sense of familiarity inContinue reading “Problems – Do they excite or exert you?”